Experience Co offer our visitors unforgettable nature based adventure experiences.  To achieve this, management and staff are dedicated to excellence in operational management safety, customer service and nature interpretation, whilst protecting and preserving our working environment within the World Heritage Protected Areas.

We believe that tourism operators can play an essential role in helping to protect the World Heritage Listed sites we visit via entry fee contributions to Protected Area Managers and through the sustainable use of the Wet Tropics Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef which includes visitor education.

Experience Co aims to minimise adverse impacts on the environment and to achieve this aim conducts all operations with a view to prevent, reduce or mitigate harmful effects on natural resources and meet the requirements of all relevant environmental regulations and best practice codes.

Our Environmental Management Plans assist us in identifying the potential negative effects which our business may cause to ecosystems and enable us to identify our contributions to emissions in order that management strategies are implemented to minimise and monitor our emissions and any adverse ecological effects.

We have in place a documented recycling policy and we give preference to local goods and services that have recycling policies and lower emissions associated with their products.

Visitor education has been identified as a key strategy to help us protect the environment and Experience Co documents visitor interpretation programs within our Interpretation Management Plans.

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Our Environmental Management Policy:

  • Commits us to comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations
  • Commits us to monitoring environmental impacts
  • Commits us to ensure that there is no long term environmental or cultural impact from our business
  • Commits us to seek to reduce emissions and waste generated by our business
  • Is available on request and held in the office for staff to reference
  • Is reviewed annually by senior management
  • Is adopted and promoted at the highest managerial level